Residential Life Staff Positions Descriptions

Resident Directors (RD)

Resident Directors are graduate students who are responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of a residence hall complex ranging from 200-400 residents. RDs supervise Assistant Resident Directors and Resident Advisors, handle student conflict and conduct issues within their complex, and intervene in crisis when it occurs. There is a Resident Director always on duty to handle situations that arise in the residence halls. (year round)

Public Safety Assistants (PSA)

Public Safety Assistants are responsible for the general security and safety of the University Courtyard community. PSAs handle a variety of conflicts and crisis, and patrol the halls and grounds throughout the evening and early morning hours. PSAs also provide late night escorts to residents who do not want to walk alone on campus. (Summer PSA positions are also available.)

Assistant Resident Directors

Assistant Resident Directors assist the Resident Directors with the supervision of the Resident Advisors in their area, serve as mentors to the RA staff, and functions as a Resident Advisor to the residents living on their floor.


Resident Advisors (RA)

Resident Advisors are responsible for building their wing, floor and building communities. RAs advise and counsel residents, mediate conflicts, develop and present programs on a variety of topics, create opportunities for interaction, enforce hall policies, and support the academic environment within University Courtyard.

Public Safety Student Coordinator (PSSC)

Public Safety Student Coordinator assists the Student Conduct Coordinator with the supervision of the Public Safety Assistants, serves as a mentor to the PSA and RA staffs, and functions as a PSA within the community.