Summer Session Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

If I apply to the University, does that guarantee me housing?

If I submit my completed on-campus living application packet immediately or within two weeks of my proposed arrival date, am I guaranteed housing?

Can I live on campus for just the summer?

How do I sign-up for a meal plan for summer?

Where do Summer Session students live at University Courtyard?

What does the phrase “a completed on-campus living application packet” mean?

Can I choose my own roommate or can I talk with the person before I move in?

When will I find out my room assignment?

When am I required to submit my health insurance information?

If I bring my car where do I park?

Room Information:

How big are the rooms?

What should or can I bring?

How big are the beds/mattresses?

Can I bring a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, TV?

What does the term “residence suites” mean?

What is provided in a double occupancy room?

Can I live with someone of the opposite gender?

What do I do if I don’t get along with my roommate or I want to change rooms?

Check-In Information:   

Where should I go to check-in?

What happens during check-in?

Should I arrive for check-in even if I haven’t received any correspondence from University Courtyard advising me of bed availability?


How much money do I send with my housing applications?

What are my financial responsibilities if I apply for and receive on-campus living?

How much does it cost to live on-campus?

If I submit my payment am I guaranteed a bed?

Why are parents or guardians who pay for their child (or children’s) housing, not permitted to obtain information about their account or general concerns about housing?