Future Residents Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process For On-Campus Living:

What is considered a completed on-campus living application packet?

What is the difference between Platinum, Gold and Silver meal plans?

When can I apply to live on-campus for the school year?

How does my flex cash work?

Do I have to select a meal plan?

What is a Designated Payor?

When will I find out my room assignment?

When am I required to submit my health insurance information?

What is the difference between a double and triple occupancy room?

What is the difference between community style and residence suites?

General Information:

Can I live on-campus for just one semester?

Why should I choose to live on-campus rather than live in an off-campus apartment?

If I apply to the university, does that guarantee me housing?

As a first-time freshman am I guaranteed housing?

What are Learning Communities?

Are pets allowed?

What are some safety features of University Courtyard?

If I bring my car where do I park?

What should I bring with me from home?

Are there items I am NOT allowed to bring when I move in?

Can I bring a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, TV?

Do I have to move out during Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring recess?

Can I live with someone of the opposite gender?

Can I talk with my assigned roommate before I move in?

Why are parents or guardians who pay for their child’s housing not permitted to obtain information about their account or other general concerns for housing?

Room Information:

Is there internet service in the room?

Do you provide family housing on campus?

Why are there so few single rooms available?

How big are the rooms?

What is included in the rooms?

How big are the beds/mattresses?

What is the size of the personal safes?

Is there an option for Gender Neutral Housing?