Current Residents Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

How do I make a payment?

What is my address at University Courtyard?

Where do I send outgoing mail?

When is the daily mail placed in my University Courtyard mailbox?

How do I find out who my Resident Advisor (RA) is?

Am I able to reserve any of the facilities or rooms available at University Courtyard?

Does University Courtyard have a lost & found area?

My cable isn’t working. Do I need to fill out a Facility Service Request (FSR) form?

What do I do if I’m not getting along with my roommate or I want to change rooms?

Where is the Bulldog Card office located?

When can packages be picked up?

When are Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks?

What is the size of the personal safes?

Application Questions:

How do I cancel my license agreement after I already moved in?

I forgot my username and password for My University Courtyard account. How can I find it out?

Can I live on-campus during the summer?

Can I leave my belongings in my room over the summer and return to the same room next year?

If I want to live at University Courtyard again next year, when can I apply? Do I receive priority since I am a returning resident?


Where do I make a payment for my housing bill?

Can I change or remove my Designated Payor any time?

Dining  Hall Information:

When is the first meal served when I move in?

What are the hours of the Dining Hall and when are the meals served?

If I change my meal plan, when will I get a refund or when will my account change?

What if my Fresno State key card is lost/stolen or doesn’t work for my meals?